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First impressions of William Shatner’s “Up till now”

I’m about half way through William Shatner’s autobiography “Up Till Now” so I thought I’d write a part way through review. I decided to pick it up because my wife’s a bit of a Trekkie (I just like the shows, she’s obsessive) and he’ll be the guest speaker at this years RSDC 2008 which I’m going to.

So far, I resisted writing “up till now”, it’s a really enjoyable book. It’s literally made me laugh out loud and frequently made me stifle some chortling (while on the train during my arduous journey home). The writing style is very warm and engaging and the book is chock full of great stories and anecdotes. There’s a certain rambling style that makes reading it more like following and endlessly forking lightning strike rather than following a straight line and for me that just makes it a more interesting and enjoyable book.

Bill Shatner’s self-deprecating sense of humour is prevalent throughout with some really funny stories and jokes, but he also comes across as a very caring and human person. The ghost/co- writing about the death of his wife is very serious emotional and yet the book reads very positively. I’ve not finished it yet but so far it’s everything I wanted and expected, I don’t normally read autobiographies but I thoroughly recommend this one. I never realised he was in so much stuff!

I look forward to hearing him declaim in the famous Shatnerian fashion in a few weeks time 😀

Up Till Now: The Autobiography, by William Shatner, is published by Pan Macmillan


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