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RSDC 2008 Day -1 (Saturday)

I’ve arrived at the Swan and Dolphin hotel in Orlando with my co-speakers Matt Archer and Linda Weedon (see our talks here). One the flight over the space shuttle Discovery flew past our plane on the way to the International Space Station – unfortunately I didn’t get any pics, but there’s a rocket take off on Thursday so I’ll take and upload some pics when that happens 8)

Also on our plane just behind our seats was John Terry and his family (he’s a famous English footballer, Chelsea Captain and England Captain). He had his two kids with him who were very sweet and made me think of my kiddies back home!

So this is Day -1 because tomorrow is the Business Partner day and then the conference proper start for most people on Monday. Tonight there’s a business partner reception – although I have no idea where it is yet. Must go search the web…

Lucky I did search – the business partner reception is tomorrow evening. In that case it must be dinner time, I’m hungry. Also I’ll find out if the other IJI folk are up to anything this evening.


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