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RSDC 2008 Day 3: Shatner, Jazz, Speaking, Universal, Party

A great day 3 at RSDC. Bill Shatner did his guest speaking slot this morning – I thought he was very funny, even though I’ve read some of the stories before in his autobiography (Up Til Now). The Shat was on form, self-deprecating, endearing and funny.

Straight afterwards we had a great meeting with one of the key Jazz fellas about incorporating some of the IJI stuff into RTC. Great ideas – I just hope there’s enough will, time, money, resources etc. etc. to achieve them πŸ™‚ Always a problem in a company that’s got one million and one great ideas!

I had my two talks today – talk one on RPM went well and talk two on practice based RUP deployment went really well. If you were at either talks and asked a question then thankyou because we had really good and engaging questions at both talks. If you didn’t come, then come next year! We do good talks πŸ™‚

At the end of the day we had the special event at Universal Studios. I’ve been to the one in LA before (recently burned down!) but not the Florida one. I didn’t really enjoy the LA Universal Studios but that may have been bad theme park management on my part. Tonight Bryon, Matt and I decided to embark on a mission of scamming the rides. This involved trying to cheat, charm, schmooze or otherwise get ourselves onto the first row of every ride multiple times without queuing. I’m proud to report that by indulging in just the right combination of bravado, honesty and linguistics we succeeded every time and as a result I’m sure we enjoyed more rides than anyone else. The MiB ride was a lot of fun and with Matt firmly in support despite his prevalence for motion sickness we went on three times without queuing and thoroughly beat the other teams by an order of magnitude 8) Then we went to the Mummy ride (I think they had this at LA but I missed it when I went a few years ago). That was awesome, lots of forwards and backwards, fire and roller coaster goodness. We scammed it well and went in a lift somewhere off the beaten track and talked our way into the front of the queue again. Finally we went to the Simpsons ride. A virtual roller coaster (which would make you think “rubbish” but was incredible!) ride which of course we scammed by a combination of honesty and charm to go twice in a row in car 1.

In total we saw Fear Factor Live (ok), did 7 runs on the major rides (awesome) had dinner and perhaps one or two beers all in a short couple of hours. A resounding success 8) And much better than last year! Bumped into fellow blogger Kellypuffs a few times too πŸ˜€

After returning to the hotel it was time for cocktails and karaoke which is a bit like a baby holding an apple. Please note I did not, have not, and will not sing. Garth Andrews did a remarkably good Elvis karaoke though, not for the first time! A lot of people were celebrating the end of the conference (for some – as the exhibition hall is now closed so all the sales and marketing people go home) or the middle of a hard week of massive information overload and not enough sleep for everyone else. I feel sorry for the people that are speaking first thing on Thurs morning (tomorrow). Especially as then a number of people decided that a late night swim and pool party would be a good idea!


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