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RSDC 2008 Day 4: Meetings, Meetings, Dinner

Day 4 of RSDC is always a bit subdued after the guest speaker and special event of the night before, not to mention the general partying. The exhibition centre isn’t open anymore so all the sales and marketing people fly out on Thurs morning so there’s lots of goodbyes to do.

For me last year was all about meetings on Thurs morning and this year it was too. I also had an excellent dinner at the Italian restaurant in the Swan with Rational UK that I’ve not been to before.

I did hear that the 5 year contract for RSDC at the Dolphin and Swan has been extended another 5, so that means the next 6 RSDC’s will be in Orlando.

Overall I thought this was the best RSDC in years. There were plenty of real announcements, deep dives into new tools and a real energy that for me wasn’t in evidence as much in previous years. The organisation and conference centre was again practically perfect and the technical content was really good.

Bring on RSDC UK in September and RSDC 2009 back in Florida!


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