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Software & Systems Quality Conference UK

Software & Systems Quality Conference United Kingdom
Conference 29th – 30th September 2008

Coming up in September is the Software and Systems Quality Conference in London (SQC 2008 UK). The SQC is the premier conference for software quality and testing professionals in the UK, this years the SQC will be:

“Exploring what the testing community can do to boost productivity in the business space,  SQC UK will be a hive of activity this year with some fascinating speakers for what promises to be a challenging and potentially controversial conference theme: “Never to too busy – the role of testing in improving productivity”

Notice the lack of quality assurance here in the use of “to” and “too” 😀

A good friend and colleague of mine, Matt Archer, who recently co-spoke with me at RSDC 2008 will be speaking on “A Thinking Framework for Context – Driven Test Documentation” – here’s the first paragraph from his abstract:

“Whenever the topic of documentation is discussed, it always reminds me of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In this story, a family of three bears live in a house in the woods. One day, the bears go for a walk, leaving their house unlocked. While they are out, Goldilocks enters the house and discovers three bowls of porridge. The bowls have been heated to each bears’ specific taste so when Goldilocks samples the porridge she finds that the father’s porridge is “too hot”, the mother’s porridge is “too cold”, but the cub’s porridge is “just right”.

Read the full abstract here

It’s got me on the first line 😀 Should be an entertaining and interesting talk, so if you’re in the Quality/Testing space then attend this conference and go and see Matt’s talk on Monday 29th at 11.30 – 12.10


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