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IBM Rational Ensemble or IBM Rational Ensemble

Just to be confusing there are two distinct things called “IBM Rational Ensemble”.

IBM Rational Ensemble – Rational Labs Project

One is a Rational Labs project that is built on Jazz technology and is focussed on improving team collaboration by connecting users with other users that may be working on similar things as well as searching historic work item information to offer comparisons to past work. This is currently code named IBM Rational Ensemble

Improve team collaboration

  • Awareness of similar work
  • Tracks historic assignments
  • Links team members

More Jazz screenshots here

IBM Rational Ensemble – Business Partner Group

The other thing called IBM Rational Ensemble is “a gathering of business partners around IBM’s exciting Jazz technology! Our vision and purpose, is to create excitement and buzz around this new technology.” Somehow I think it’s this latter definition that’s going to win in this struggle for the name 🙂

Of course Ivar Jacobson International is part of the IBM Rational Ensemble which is great as it means we can get eary info on Jazz and the new Jazz products. The future is funky 😀


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