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MMD WordPress FireFox Extension – know your hit count!

I often want to know how many hits my wordpress blog has had without loading the stats page, mainly so I can compete with a fellow blogger who sits opposite me in the office 😛

So I made the MMD WordPress FireFox extension, install it and you get a tiny status bar panel that shows your current daily hits. You can right click the panel and hit “View Stats Details” and FireFox will happily take you to your normal stats page on WordPress.com

To Install:

The MMD WordPress FireFox extension is brand new! That means it’s an “experimental” extension according to mozilla.org and so it needs people to try it out and post a review to become publicly listed on the main FireFox addon website.

You can install it here – please add a review!

The Future:

I’m thinking about adding some stuff to do with the normal browser right click menu to add:

  • Add link to BlogRoll (when hovering over a link)
  • Post link to blog (which would just open the normal WordPress posting page but prefill the form with stuff link the link, title etc. ready for you to edit)

And other suggestions please comment!


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