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Play a game with Google 2001

In honour of Google’s 10th birthday they’ve dusted off an old search index from 2001 and tied it up to the Internet Archive. The Web was a lot different in those days (no ipods, facebook etc.) and it’s fun to ego search and see the difference.

In Google 2001 if you search for “Mike MacDonagh” I think the first hit is my Dad at the Smithsonian, and my sister features on Page 3 (har har, not like that!) because of a school play she was in but I’m nowhere to be seen! At that time I was running Midnight Skulker Software of which there’s a whole page of hits, but I seem not to have put my name on it anywhere! An exercise in bad branding! I’ve still got all the old source for that stuff, and still use some of it myself 😀

More reading: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/2001-search-odyssey.html


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