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Open Letter regarding PDC

It’s almost Microsoft PDC (Professional Developer’s Conference) time. The organisers of this excellent event have published the following open letter 😀 I went to the last PDC and I strongly recommend this event to anyone who wants to know what Microsoft will be doing over the next few years.

Dear {Enter Your Manager’s Name Here},

I enjoy my job and have always appreciated how well you manage me. As you know, I don’t ask for much. I am a humble employee with simple needs, and I would like to attend Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles, October 27th-30th.

Wait! Before you respond, let me explain. This is not the typical conference that is more boondoggle than substance. The PDC (which is what the kids on Facebook call it) is where the best and brightest come together with the technical geniuses of Microsoft.

The PDC is where the speakers are not marketing folks, but actual developers and technologists who build the products. Remember those tough questions about Microsoft tools we had last week that we could not find an answer to? Well, I will have an opportunity to talk directly to the product team from Microsoft. In fact, one night they all gather in one place where I can ask all the questions we ever had and get real answers! And business cards!

But it isn’t just the speakers; it’s the other attendees. These are some of the smartest folks using the same tools and technologies we are. I can learn a lot from them and see how they have overcome issues we have run into. I keep reading the blogs (on my own time, of course) and everyone says that networking is one of the top reasons to attend.

I promise I won’t come home empty handed. I just read that they are making Windows 7 available to attendees! We will be able to get a first look at the operating system before everyone else. They are also are giving out a hard drive, called The Goods with all kinds of bits and bytes on it that we can use. Plus, I will come back with a ton of business cards.

Finally, I will come back inspired. The PDC is where Microsoft lays out its future strategy. You had the most spectacular idea yesterday about how we need to be a little more cutting-edge. By going to the PDC, I will see the technology roadmap for Microsoft and come back with ideas how we can make your genius idea a reality.

Thanks in advance for your approval on my humble request and I promise to bring you back a t-shirt, trip report, Windows 7, The Goods and a very inspired and much smarter employee.

Your favorite employee,

Mike MacDonagh



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