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Automatic bidirectional synchronisation between RTC and ClearCase

I’ve previously blogged on a manual ClearCase to RTC migration script I use during migration from IBM Rational ClearCase to IBM RTC. However sometimes it’s necessary to consider automatic synchronisation for the following reasons:

  • Partial team adoption in large teams/organisations
  • There are code dependencies between teams (you’d be better off breaking them to binary dependencies and using something like maven or ivy though…)
  • Support teams on RTC SCM while interacting with content from ClearCase multisite locations
  • Maintaining complex builds that are dependant on ClearCase (i.e. using ClearMake).
  • Allowing teams to pilot RTC SCM without working about branching between tools
  • …. and many more…

The off the shelf offerings to bridge between RTC/ClearCase are a bit limited due to the relationship between eclipse projects, rtc components and streams. It’s necessary to have eclipse projects at the root of a component for them to load smoothly as proper projects in eclipse with their correct natures, so any serious synchronisation solution needs to allow you to pick and choose parts of a folder structure in ClearCase and sync them to projects in components in RTC. The excellent open source RTC ClearCase workspace synchroniser from samecs does exactly this.

I personally use a combination of the manual migration script (mentioned at the top) and the RTC ClearCase workspace synchroniser to deal with team migrations from ClearCase to RTC. Generally my preference is to do it manually as synchronisation is a tactical solution during rollout and introduces a fair amount of technical complexity, but in cases with the features mentioned above sometimes you need a powerful and flexible synchronisation solution.


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