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RTC: How to write cross project queries

Ok, so I’ve previously said that you can’t write cross-project work item queries in IBM Rational Team Concert but that’s not entirely true… You can, but it’s a bit “hacky” and isn’t very supportable. In Eclipse go to:

Team Artifacts -> My Team Areas node, select a user -> right click -> Show Recent Work

This seems to create a work item query that has the user as a top level scoping element rather than the Project Area, you can even add the Project Area column to the result set 🙂 You can edit this query in the normal way but it seems to save itself to a project area selected by rolling a dice and there’s no way to control which one as far as I can see. Also, remember that it’s top level scope is the user that the query was generated from, that may have interesting effects.


Don’t forget to demand proper cross-project querying from IBM on

Edit: 10/11/2014 – to choose which project area the hacky query ends up in simply disconnect all of the other projects areas (and restart eclipse).


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