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scm checkin and deliver script for IBM Jazz RTC SCM

Following on from a previous post where I covered how to load some content from a Rational Team Concert server in a single command here’s a script I use to checkin and deliver in one command back to the stream. As before this is just a wrapper around the standard command line and maybe more appropriate for the more occasional user rather than a cli loving geek but I’m both so here it is!

Also available on github easy cloning with SimpleGit


echo ""
echo "Checks in and delivers current workspace changes against a workitem"
echo "Usage: scmdeliver <workitem_number>"
echo ""


if [ -z "$1" ]
  echo "Error: Please specify a workitem id"

if [ $error -eq 0 ]
  echo "Checking in..."
  checkin_str=`scm checkin * | grep "<No comment>"`
  change_id=`echo $checkin_str | cut -d "(" -f2 | cut -d ")" -f1`
  echo "Checked local changes into changeset $change_id"
  echo "Associating with work item $workitem"
  scm changeset associate $change_id $workitem
  echo "Delivering..."
  scm deliver

So using this script and the scmload script in the previous post you can do this to hack some code:

scmload "Stream A" "Component A"

# Make a bunch of changes

scmdeliver 1234


Note this script assumes a clean workspace before you start making edits, if you want it to work with a previously created changeset you’ll need to tweak it.

Unfortunately you can’t find out your workitems from the command line but that’s a problem for IBM to fix!
Checkout my RTC Masterclasses and my advanced streaming guide:

  1. Development, Integration and Release Streams
  2. Streams for parallel branched development
  3. Streams for component reuse

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