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Make space history: Lunar Mission One is almost a go!

Lunar Mission One is a kickstarter project to to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon – an area unexplored by previous missions. It’s almost reached it’s funding target, only 60k to go out of 600k needed.

I think this mission is inspiring and important. It’s a chance for ordinary people to be part of space history. Increasingly governments are less willing to fund space science so maybe it’s up to us. Do we care enough about space science to fund it, by maybe £3 or 5$? The average funding for Lunar Mission One has so far been about £89 but that doesn’t mean that £1 isn’t useful.

Space science is the greatest example of humanity trying to understand the universe and our existence. It’s the basis of so much progress both in science and practical at-home stuff like:

  • Your (or your friends) glasses
    • Since the 1970s eyeglasses have been made of plastic instead of glass – less prone to breaking and shattering, cheaper, better at UV absorbtion and lighter. Of course plastic glasses scratched more easily, until NASA based coatings invented for astronaut helmet visors are now used
  • Satellite Navigation/GPS
    • Seriously, this one shouldn’t even need explaining!
    • Oh yeah, and satellite tv, global comunications etc.
  • Cordless tools
    • Things like cordless drills, vacuum cleaners etc. based on science developed for the moon programme
  • Memory foam, medical LED usage, blood pumps, automatic defibrillator, ear thermometers, smoke detectors, water filters, etc.

I think it’s important that we support space science. Supporting Lunar Mission One means you could have a bit of you sent to the moon to hang around for millions if not billions of years. That’s unlikely to happen on Earth. More importantly you’d be expressing a desire to explore our environment, our solar system, our existence and in turn our nature. I think that’s worth a little money from all of us.

Lunar Mission One is a global project, please support it and get it past it’s initial funding goal so it can be a reality.

Yep, this is me in front of a space rocket

Me in front of the Atlantis launch rocket

Me in front of the Atlantis launch rocket



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