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AWSome Twitter Sentiment Analysis for #aws #reinvent #reInvent2018

I built a dashboard that keeps track of the #reinvent2018, #awsreinvent, #reinvent twitter hashtags. It automatically translates non-English tweets into English, and does sentiment analysis (to detect emotional content) and keyword/entity extraction to see what people are talking about.

Over time it’s interesting to see how sentiment changes. Most tweets (97%) are neutral and so I don’t add them to the graph as the interesting lines would be squished.


1 – Artificial spike caused by me starting the analyis so all of the historic tweets got squeezed into the 10/10/2018

2 – Negative spike caused by the launch of reserved seating for sessions. 50,000 people tried to book seats at the same time and the user-experience on the website isn’t great so there were some errors and complaints. Those dies down pretty quickly.

3 – A positive spike. My analysis shows this is mostly down to some good vibes about the AWS Serverless Application Model from this tweet. The tag cloud when focussed in on these positive tweets is:


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Here’s the live dashboard: (updates every 15 mins)



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