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scm checkin and deliver script for IBM Jazz RTC SCM

Following on from a previous post where I covered how to load some content from a Rational Team Concert server in a single command here’s a script I use to checkin and deliver in one command back to the stream. As before this is just a wrapper around the standard command line and maybe more […]

How to do maven releases with Jazz SCM

I’ve previously blogged on structuring maven multi-module projects to work well with m2, eclipse and Jazz SCM. In this post I’m going to write about how to do releases because it’s not as straight forward as you might hope and expect. This blog is explicitly about using maven 2.2 and IBM Rational Team Concert […]

Working with Maven multi-module projects in RTC Jazz SCM with m2

I’ve been working with Maven projects with m2 for a while in RTC Jazz SCM so thought I’d post some notes. For reference this post covers using RTC v3.x things may change in the future. If you’re not using m2 then I’d suggest you read this blog by Philippe Krief. First of all it’s important […]

scmload script for IBM Jazz SCM

A common complaint by command line users of the IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) Software Configuration Management (SCM) command line is that it’s too complicated to just load some stuff. And they’re right, especially as compared to something like git. To work around this I wrote a little bash script which you’re welcome to use/edit/abuse […]

How to migrate source to Jazz RTC SCM

First of all, although it might seem tempting to seperate scm and build, especially from a business change and planning perspective you just can’t (unless you’re writing scripting languages!). Software is just useless text if it can’t be built/run and a software team can’t be expected to move where they store their source without ensuring […]

How to deal with line feeds in Jazz RTC SCM

I’ve found that there’s sometimes a bit of confusion over how Eclipse & RTC deal with line feeds, especially when migrating files from ClearCase so thought I’d post about it. By default RTC tries to be helpful when opening text files on windows and linux platforms by rewriting the text file contents to either windows […]

Rational, Telelogic and Jazz roadmap

There’s a lot of interest in the IBM Rational space about the future roadmap of Telelogic products like DOORS and Rational Requisite Pro and some murmurings of new shiny future things like Tara, Vega, MCIF, FocalPoint, Rational Change Management etc. etc. I’m sure as the year continues we’ll learn a lot more about these things […]

Screenshot of Visual Studio Client for Jazz Rational Team Concert

Excellent news! Some info about the Visual Studio client for Rational Team Concert! Apparently early builds may  be available as early as November. Sign up for jazz.net and read more info here.

Screenshots of new IBM Rational Jazz products

[EDIT: This post is from 2008 if you want a preview of the new 2011 product suite see here]   I recently put together a presentation for IJI on IBM Rational Jazz and the new, and future, Jazz -based products. Rather than present bullet points about products I like to show demos where possible and […]

When can you get the Jazz based Rational Tools?

I’ve seen some comments about the fact that at the RSDC2008 Rational announced 22 products. I think many bloggers and article writers may have got a little confused by all the hype. Rational certainly made some very important product announcements and the Rational Labs in the exhibition centre were fantastic in terms of showing us […]