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How to deal with Telemarketers

Cold calling telemarketers typically have a script which is used to draw you in and sell, sell, sell. Time to turn the tables one them!




Plan the Plan’s Planny Plan

Dannys First Stand-Up

Leaked Transformers 2 Trailer!

It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day me beauties – Arrrr!

Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Arrrr, once year it be time to embrace yer inner pirate and be conversing like a pirate for the lengh of a day.

Google have caught on to this as well:

“It recently came to our attention that Google was not accessible to a large, influential, and notoriously quick-tempered community: Pirates. As of today we are proud and rather relieved to announce that Google Search is available in Pirate.”


Ye can set yer google preferences to be chattering like a pirate here

If only there was a ninja-pirate hybrid day…

Cool Live webcams at the LHC

Tweet at your peril!

Stealth Cat – noes u haz cheezeburger!

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