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How to remove duplicates in Amazon Music playlists

I’ve recently migrated to Amazon Music from Spotify and local media servers. It’s actually pretty good although getting my playlists migrated was a pain.

Uploading seemed to cause a lot of duplicates, so then creating playlists from the recently imported or added files caused a lot of duplicates in the playlists. I listen to playlists on shuffle so this annoyed me because it means the probability of duplicated tracks is higher and you miss out on the other files. I found a way around it though!

  1. Create your playlists however you want.
  2. On Windows, install the local Amazon Music app.
  3. In the Amazon Music Windows App you can select all of the files in a playlist, right click and add to a new playlist
  4. The app will popup and tell you how many duplicates there are and ask if you’d like them to be filtered out.
  5. Delete the original playlist
  6. Rename the new playlist.
  7. Rejoice in a lack of duplicates.

For Spotify playlists I used STAMP from FreeYourMusic – ok but expensive.

It managed most of the files on my wife’s spotify playlists fine, and produced a file of songs it couldn’t match. Some made sense because they were misnamed, or not part of Amazon Music so needed manual uploading from our local collection. However, across several thousand tracks it failed to match about 60 it should have.

Also, the CSV to Amazon Music doesn’t appear to work in STAMP on Android. STAMP support upgraded me to a multi-platform license and it worked on windows. Still, it saved me hours despite being over-priced and not perfect.


Behringer iAxe + JACK + rakarrack = awesomeness

I like to play guitar. Not very well, but I enjoy playing. A while ago I added to my collection a Behringer iAxe which is basically a normal electric guitar with a USB port.  It came with a CD of impossible to setup properly and use Windows software for sound effects. Since moving to Ubuntu I’ve been wondering how I’d be able to still play with it but last weekend I decided to try and search.

1 google search, 1 ubuntu software centre search, no reading of instructions and 20 mins later and I had achieved marvellous noise! I installed QJackCtl which starts and stops the realtime audio driver and also lets you map the input to virtual amps and then speakers (without having to read instructions, it mostly worked out what to do for itself) and then rakarrack which is like a big virtual guitar effects board. Then I just plugged in my guitar and make all sorts of horrible noises 😀

It all just worked and best of all it’s all free – well except for the guitar!

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