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Skyblaster USB skype friendly speakerphone rocks

I impulse bought this gadget in Homebase last week for £29, that’s only about $3000 these days 😛 , and it rocks. I’ve always had trouble with skype voice calls – I’ve got a really powerful top of the range PC with just about everything imaginable plugged into it and yet even after replacing the onboard soundcard with a top of the range games soundcard the microphone input (front or back) has always been just rubbish. I’ve tweaked all the tweakable settings to no avail, microphone’s just don’t work on my system.

So I bought this USB speakerphone. It doesn’t use my soundcard and all of a sudden people can hear my dulcit tones over the ewaves 🙂 It’s simple, cheap and works. It’s got buttons to call, hang up, navigate around skype etc. It’s also got inputs for plugging in your super stylish headset with microphone that makes you look like a bad 80s pop act.

Setup was trivial and well documented, and the best bit is that I can just use it whenever I want without unplugging/replugging speakers, microphones, headsets etc. My music still plays through my main speakers, but skype calls come through the speaker phone/attached headset. I’d buy it just to be a headset hub even if I didn’t want an answerphone!

SkyBlaster USB skype friendly speakerphone

SkyBlaster USB skype friendly speakerphone

Now I can finally use it I’m a skypeout convert!

9/10 Mac Daddy points for this great little (about 3in diameter) gadget.