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RSDC 2009 Call for papers

So it seems like RSDC 2008 has only just finished. In fact RSDC 2008 UK was only a few weeks ago! But things are starting up for RSDC 2009 already. I hear that call for the papers will open tomorrow. The website isn’t up yet so I don’t know what the theme will be but you can expect more stuff turning up at over the next few months.

This will be the 4th year in a row for the Rational Software Development Conference (May 31 – June 4) at the Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, and I heard somewhere that the next 6 will be as well! Not surprising really as it’s a great venue for the conference.

It seems call for papers starts earlier every year, but that’s no surprise seeing as there are more people submitting and going every year. Technically I expect this year to be about the maturation of the Jazz platform, and I would speculate that we will see some cool things like the Visual Studio integration (since screenshots have already been released). There should be some interesting uses of RTC out there (I’m planning to talk about this myself). I’d like to see something about Bluehouse, Focalpoint, Telelogic and Rational Jazz stuff.

I think that the words Tara, Vega and MCIF will be extremely prominent 😉


Screenshot of Visual Studio Client for Jazz Rational Team Concert

VS Client for RTC

Excellent news! Some info about the Visual Studio client for Rational Team Concert! Apparently early builds may  be available as early as November. Sign up for and read more info here.

Some thoughts on self-hosting

There are many benefits to self-hosting which tend to lead to self-hosted projects achieving high quality. Some examples of this are many compilers, IDEs such as Delphi, Visual Studio etc. The sheer breadth of testing on self-hosted systems means bugs and dodgy user experiences are ironed out early. More recent examples of high-quality self-hosted development efforts come from Eclipse and Rational Team Concert. Scott Rich recently blogged on the Jazz team blog about RTC having the “smoothest end game ever” and one of the key points that led to this smooth end game was the self-hosting of RTC.

The question is how can we get the benefits of self-hosting in normal projects, since most organisations aren’t in the business of building IDEs…

Personally, I get involved in a lot of projects that aim to improve an organisations software development capability, often these projects involve deploying tools into an organistion to deal with things such as planning, issue tracking, configuration management etc. So in my projects I always make sure I’m self-hosted, that is we use the planning tools to plan the delpoyment of the planning tools 😛 We track issues in the issue tracking tool that we want others to use and store our artifacts in the repositories we are deploying in the organisation. This approach gives the benefits of broad and deep testing of infrastructure, configuration, integration and usage models. Not to mention the opportunity of being in the strong position of practicing what we preach!

Currently I’m involved in rolling out Rational Portfolio Manager to about 500 people. Changing the way that many people plan and manage projects isn’t terribly easy, but it’s made easier by ensuring that the configuration of a tool and it’s usage models have really been put through the ringer and thoroughly tested. As a result my project is self-hosted in RPM. That way my team is the first to find things that haven’t been set up correctly, is the the first to feel pain points and can fix them before the general user base has to feel the pain.

Not to mention we’re practicising what we preach.

If you’re doing any sort of project and you can work out how to usefully use the output of the project in the project then do so.

6 days to RSDC 2008

Just 6 days to go until the IBM Rational Software Developers Conference 2008. Those of us going fromIvar Jacobson International (IJI) (and there’s a few of us!) had a conference call on Friday to discuss our plan for the Conference. IJI is a silver sponsor this year and as well as our 7 presentations we’re going to be doing something special that will turn all of the conference attendees into R-Heroes 😀

It’s a big secret until the Tuesday of the conference though so I can’t say anything about it here. Make sure you come and visit our stand at booth #713. You can’t miss it, it’s the one at the bottom of the main escalators into the exhibition hall when you’re coming from the hotel lobby. You can come and talk to people like Ivar Jacobson, Ian Spence, Kurt Bittner, Robert Maksimchuk, David West, Eric Naiburg, and a bunch of others, including me of course. We also have two hand held GPS systems to give away if you register at our booth.

There’s going to be a lot of interesting announcements especially around Jazz at the conference, and for business partners there’s going to be a preview this Wednesday – but that will also be secret until the conference! At the conference you’ll be able to see demos of EssWork integrated with Eclipse, Visual Studio Team System or even Jazz Team Concert if you catch me. Our Team Concert integration is likely to be an exciting direction in the future as I think Team Concert is an ideal execution environment for EssUP.

Ivar Jacobson International


My first Jazz (Team Concert) Demo

So I just finished my first proper Jazz demo with my favourite customer. I demo’d Team Concert both in Eclipse based on my own process template based on EssUP from IJI and also in my trusty FireFox. We also went and looked at the project dashboard for the Jazz project itself hosted on 8)

The best thing about demoing or even just playing with Jazz is how easy it is to setup and play with. The guys in the Jazz development team have done a great job in making it accessible and consumable. You can literally just download the server and client, unzip, run the server through a batch file then start accessing the clients. From download to up and running took me about 3 minutes the first time I tried it. Compare this to wanting to play with something like RPM and the other Rational tools and you’d be banging your head against walls!

Team Concert is a great product – I just want to see the technology integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio. And of course to see what other Jazz tools are going to be announced at the RSDC in a few weeks time.

Here’s what’s happening around Rational Team Concert and Jazz at the RSDC

Check out my preview posts in this blog on what’s coming up a this years RSDC .

Here’s a screen shot of my very important risk list in my test project 🙂

Screenshot of my demo risk list in Jazz Team Concert

(click for full size)

#jazzdev twitter hashtag stats

Life without computers!

This weekend I’ve spent changing rooms around in my house so the office space has swapped with the baby space. As a result my trusty main computer and numerous gadgets have been in parts and unplugged. I’ve just about coped by accessing my mail via my new funky phone the HTC Touch Dual:

pic of my phone

This thing is great 🙂 I’ve used a SPV M2000 for a few years, which was a great PDA but a rubbish phone that felt like you were holding a brick if you had a conversation over 2 minutes. However, my new HTC Touch Dual combines the best of a stylus operated Window Mobile PDA (which means after downloading a Visual Studio patch my home grown apps like my train timetable checker etc. all work) with the ease of use and simplicity of a phone. It’s got a quite cool touch screen interface on top of the normal Windows Mobile interface which is extremely reminiscent of the iPhone/iPod Touch. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have WiFi just HSDPA, 3G, EDGE & GPRS. But that’s ok because I’ve got an iPod Touch anyway 🙂

Anyway, now my main computers back again I feel complete once more. I must admit to using my son’s laptop a few times. Just to track my latest gadget order you understand…